Appendix 11


Grant of Sick Leave, Special Tuberculosis Leave and Paternity Leave



(A)    For Teachers


1.      Sick Leave


(a)     Full-time monthly-paid teachers including temporary monthly-paid teachers may be granted up to 28 days paid sick leave in their first year of service in aided schools. On completion of each succeeding year of service in aided schools a further 48 days in total would be granted. Paid sick leave can be accumulated up to a maximum of 168 days.  The calculation of leave entitlement for part-time monthly-paid teachers should be the same as the full-time monthly paid teachers.  However, with effect from 1 September 2006, a teacher with a break of service of more than 1 year will forfeit his/her sick leave balance. (updated on 16 November 2006)


(b)     Daily-rated supply teachers who have worked under a continuous contract for not less than 4 weeks are eligible for sickness allowance at the rate of two paid sickness days for each completed month of employment in accordance with the Employment Ordinance.


(c)     Sick leave exceeding two days should be supported by a valid medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner, a registered dentist or a registered Chinese medicine practitioner*. (updated on 29 January 2007)


(d)    No-pay sick leave may be granted if a teacher's leave balance/entitlement has been exhausted.



2.      Special Tuberculosis Leave


(a)     Teachers who are suffering from tuberculosis may be granted special tuberculosis leave with full pay with the support of a valid medical certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner or a registered Chinese medicine practitioner* on the following terms : -


(i)      those with more than one but less than four years service may be granted up to three months leave on full pay;


(ii)     those with four or more but less than eight years service may be granted up to six months leave on full pay;


(iii)    those with eight or more than eight years service may be granted up to six months leave on full pay plus two weeks additional sick leave in respect of each additional year of service over eight years up to maximum of twelve months leave on full pay.


Service under all these provisions means service deemed to be continuous by the Permanent Secretary. (updated on 29 January 2007)


(b)     Upon exhaustion of special tuberculosis leave balance and sick leave balance, the teacher may be granted no-pay special tuberculosis leave.



3.     Paternity Leave

Teachers with not less than 40 weeks’ continuous service immediately before taking the paternity leave are eligible for full-pay paternity leave up to 5 working days.  Schools are required to follow the administration arrangements of paternity leave as set out in the prevailing circular available on the Education Bureau homepage. (updated on 1 September 2016)



(B)    For Laboratory Technicians, Educational Psychologists, School-based Speech Therapists and School Executive Officers


Laboratory technicians, educational psychologists, school-based speech therapists and school executive officers paid out of the Salaries Grant shall enjoy such benefits as teachers with regard to sick leave, special tuberculosis leave and paternity leave. (updated on 1 September 2019)


*       The arrangement for the recognition of sick leave certificates issued by registered Chinese medicine practitioners for sick leave with effect from 1 December 2006 is not applicable to sick leave for injury on duty/occupational disease unless and until the Employees Compensation Ordinance is amended to this effect.