Part I Introduction


Delegation of Power

Management of Aided Schools

Additional Managers

Minimum Number of Managers

Access to Accounts


Part II Grant of Aid

Calculation of Grant

Kinds of Grant

Permanent Secretary's Authority

Permanent Secretary to  approve fees


Method of payment of subscriptions

Expenditure of School Income

Acceptance of Donations, Rentals


Part II Recurrent Grants

Salaries Grant

Approved Staff Establishments

Salaries and Increments


Supply Teachers & Temporary Replacements

Appointment of Administrative/Janitor Staff

Operating Expenses Block Grant

Composite Furniture and Equipment Grant

Rent and Rates Grant

Passages Grant


Part II Non-Recurrent & Capital Grants



Part III Administration of Aided Schools

Admission of Pupils

Suspension & Expulsion of Pupils

Rate of Repetition

Teaching Practice Arrangement

Use of School Premises

Appointment & Dismissal of Staff

Appointment of teaching staff

Conditions of Appointment

Termination of Employment


Promotion and Regrading

Acting Appointments

Outside Duties

Provident Fund

School Accounts




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