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Introduction to Centre

Standing Committee (SC)

Standing Committee (SC) is the executive arm of the Advisory Management Commitee (AMC). It is concerned with the day-to-day functioning of HKTC and the running of its activities. SC comprises the AMC Chairperson and 2 Vice Chairpersons, the 2 EDB representatives, and 10 other members elected by and from the AMC.

Structure of SC

Meeting Schedule of Standing Committee (2018-20)

1st Meeting: 27-4-2018 (Friday)
2nd Meeting: 28-5-2018 (Monday)
3rd Meeting: 20-6-2018 (Wednesday)
4th Meeting: 18-10-2018 (Thursday)
5th Meeting: 12-2018
6th Meeting: 3-2019
7th Meeting: 6-2019
8th Meeting: 10-2019
9th Meeting: 12-2019
10th Meeting: 3-2020



Last Update Date: 09/05/2018