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Activities Grant

Vetting of application

Vetting Criteria

Applications involving activities with a running cost not exceeding $15,000 are initially vetted by the HKTC Secretariat and then endorsed by the Chairman and Vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the HKTC, while those applications exceeding $15,000 will be considered by the HKTC Activities Grant Vetting Panel and the Standing Committee of the HKTC. All applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis and considered in accordance with the vetting criteria listed in the following. Normally, the activities should

  • be relevant to the local educational context;
  • be in line with objectives of the HKTC as stipulated in its constitution;
  • be in line with the directions of the Education Reform and Curriculum Reform;
  • preferably align with some educational theory;
  • enhance the professionalism of teachers (e.g. support teachers in doing education research);
  • promote professional exchange and experience sharing on quality learning and teaching;
  • be targeted for teachers of kindergartens, primary, secondary and special schools;
  • have clearly stated objectives and be comprehensive in design; and
  • be cost-effective and have a detailed and reasonable budget with income and expenditure break-downs. Expenses on consultation fee, furniture, equipment, computer hardwares and softwares, meals and drinks are not accepted for subvention purpose. If souvenirs are to be given out, the expense should be reasonable and included in the proposal.

HKTC Activities Grant Vetting Panel

The members of 2018-20 HKTC Activities Grant Vetting Panel appointed by Standing Committee of the HKTC are as below:

  • Dr KAN Kar-yin (Chairperson)
  • Mr HO King-on
  • Mr LAI Tak-chung
  • Dr MAK TSE How-ling, Ada
  • Ms WONG Siu-ling
  • Ms YU Yee-wah, Eva
  • Mr LEUNG Ka-choi (Representative of EDB)

The meeting of the HKTC Activities Grant Vetting Panel is usually held before the meeting of the Standing Committee on the same date.

    • For the tentative meeting schedule of the Standing Committee, please refer to this link.
    • For the procedure for applications, please refer to this link.

Level of Subvention

For most types of activities, such as courses, seminars and workshops held at HKTC, the amount of subvention granted to an applicant organisations should normally not exceed 30% of the total outlay of the activities and subject to the availability of funds. A higher rate of subvention may be recommended for some activities such as educational conferences and ad hoc professional workshops to be conducted by overseas/Mainland educational experts and offered to teachers/principals free of charge.

Signing of agreement

When vetting is completed, HKTC Secretariat will notify the applicant organisations of the results of the application by letter within 7 working days. Normally, results will be available within two months after the submission of application. A successful applicant organisation will be required to sign an agreement with The Government of HKSAR as represented by Permanent Secretary for Education.

Funding Details

  • The maximum subvention paid to the educational organisations (grantees) would be the difference between the amount of fees collected and the actual expenditure or 30% of the actual outlay for the activities, whichever is the less, unless recommended otherwise by the Standing Committee of HKTC and approved by EDB.
  • For procurement of consumables or equipment and employment of services or staffing for the activity, an open and fair procedure should be adopted. For procurement above $5,000 but below $50,000, organisations should obtain at least 3 quotations and for procurement above $50,000, at least 5 tenders should be obtained.
  • Organisations should notify HKTC Secretariat of any change of venue/date of activity and seek EDB's prior approval for varying the expenditure for individual items above 20% of the originally approved amount. EDB's written approval has to be obtained if organisations wish to reallocate funds for approved items to any items not previously approved.
  • Subventions of $50,000 or below are paid on reimbursement basis against certified original receipts submitted by the organisations after all the approved activities have been completed.
  • For subventions above $50,000, unused funds should be returned to the Government of HKSAR after the completion of the activities.
  • All activity grants shall be credited into the bank accounts of the applicant organisations and not any personal bank accounts.


Last Update Date: 09/05/2018