Introduction to Centre

Professionalism, Collaboration and Life-long Learning

The Hong Kong Teachers' Centre (HKTC) aims to promote continuous professional development and enrichment among teachers, and to foster among them a greater sense of unity and professionalism in an encouraging, neutral and non-hierarchical environment. Specific objectives of the Centre include the provision of opportunities for teachers to meet and exchange ideas and share experiences; the promotion of in-service education; the promotion of curriculum development; the development and trying out of new teaching aids and approaches; the provision of resources; the dissemination of news and ideas concerning education; and the organisation of social, cultural and recreational activities for teachers.

The HKTC has a three-tier management structure to help plan and run its activities - an Advisory Management Committee (AMC), a Standing Committee (SC) and six Sub-committees. They are responsible for policy-making, monitoring and implementation of various duties and activities.

The six Sub-committees are working groups responsible for specific areas of work of the HKTC. They include Publication, Promotion, Activities, Constitution and membership, Educational Research and Professional Development sub-committees. Members of the sub-committees are also members of the AMC.

At present, around 140 educational bodies are members of the HKTC. Apart from organising activities by itself, the HKTC also jointly organises or sponsors activities with non profit-making educational organisations for teachers in Hong Kong.

Access to HKTC is convenient for the visitors. HKTC is located inside the EDB Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre which is in the vicinity of the Kowloon Tong MTR Station. Besides, it can be reached by buses or minibus. We have a number of multi-media plus broadband workstations, reading area, sharing corners and display-boards. Moreover, multi-purpose meeting rooms and conference rooms for organising seminars, workshops, meetings are available at the Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre. Teachers are welcome to use the facilities of the HKTC.

Last Update Date: 14/09/2017