Katrina Yu (余穎欣) Canada International School of Hong Kong (Grade 7)

Child: MOMMY! The food’s cold!
Mom: Sorry honey, I’ll heat it up now.
Child: What’s this? You know I hate vegetables! Where’s my abalone and lobster. I WANT IT NOW!

  Does this sound familiar to you? Hong Kong is filled with spoiled brats. They are everywhere! You can see them throwing temper tantrums at restaurants, screaming on the MTR… Some might be here among you readers. Or he or she might be sitting next to you.

  Have you ever heard parents calling their child ‘my darling Prince’ or ‘my sweet little princess’. You know what? I actually have a friend named Prince. His parents gave him that name because he is like a little prince to them….so cute and precious! I’m sure that if he had a sister, they would name her princess! Imagine growing up with a name like Princess? Yuck. With such a name, my friend Prince might grow up thinking that he is indeed from the royal family. Just like Prince William marrying his beautiful bride princess Kate in that fairy tale royal wedding recently.

  Let’s look at the spoiled kids first! Kids in Hong Kong are super spoiled, including me! At home I am THE princess! All I have to do is yell out my helper’s name: Maria and poof everything is done for me like magic! She runs and packs my school bag, then gets my school uniform and dresses me. As quick as a flash, she serves my breakfast, HOT. Now, all need to do is sit and open my mouth. Yum!

  I am not the only one spoiled brat in my family. I have a cousin who is very spoiled. Ever since he was small, he only eats deep fried chicken and French fries. If you don’t give him what he wants, he screams until your ears hurt. Of course, his parents always give in and give him deep fried chicken and French fries. His simple trick is: Scream and you get what you want. It works every time.

  Do you know that not only are kids spoiled, even dogs are spoiled! I often see people pushing baby trolleys in parks, guess what’s inside? Babies? No, dogs! Owners dress them up in pretty dresses and fancy shoes. They might think that shoes will keep their feet clean but dogs are not humans, they don’t need shoes and they are not meant to sit in baby trolleys. They need exercise otherwise they will become fat dogs! Some people spoiled their dogs so much that they sleep with them. Apparently 40% of dogs sleep on their master's beds! My Uncle and Auntie have a baby girl and a dog, and all four of them sleep on the same bed! My auntie sleeps on the left side and my uncle on the right side, while a dog and baby gets squished together in the middle!

  Therefore, we have spoiled kids, spoiled dogs…What do you think eventually happens to these spoil kids? They grow up to be spoiled adults or spoiled babies in adult bodies! They complain about everything.

  These days, young adults are dependent on their parents more than ever. I read that a 33-year-old man is still handing his laundry over to his mother. And even a 40-year-old adult is still asking his parents for money to pay the rent! As you can see, we have a whole world of spoiled kids, dogs and adults. If we don’t change, what would become of the world? It will be full of crying babies and adults.

  Parents and helpers, you’ve got to stop over protecting your child. Let them grow up. If you don’t, they might still not know how to bath and brush their teeth when they are 20 years old! Fellow princes and princesses, it’s time to wake up and grow up! STOP ACTING LIKE A CRY BABY! WAAAAA! It is very embarrassing if you are crying like a baby when you are grown up. I don’t want to be the one that have to rely on my parents all my life, incapable of doing anything myself! I need to start growing up now. Otherwise, I will end up being a 20 yr old adult baby and cannot find a job. Also, I won’t have any friends if I am always acting like a spoiled child.

  Lets act now by changing our princess habits. I have a simple suggestion for you. It’s called PR, Princess Reversal. It’s like this: if someone treats you like a princess, you should immediately do the same thing to treat her back like a princess. For example, if your helper brings you a glass of water, you should go in kitchen and get her a glass of water as well. I am sure she will be really shocked that the pretty princess has the ability to serve others. Start small and practice it every day. If not, we will grow up to a world full of screaming, whining, spoiled kids and adults.

  Let’s start today and stop being a prince or a princess so that we can grow up to be independent, strong and capable people. It’s time to throw away our princess crown. Good bye spoiled princess!

香港教師中心 Hong Kong Teachers' Centre 2011 Jul - Oct