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Education Organisations – Updating of Particulars
(Deadline : 30 September 2017)


    The election exercise for the 23rd Session (2018-20) Advisory Management Committee (AMC) of the Hong Kong Teachers’ Centre (HKTC) will soon commence. According to paragraph 2.1 of the Constitution of the HKTC (Chinese version only), to be eligible to vote and be elected in the AMC election, individual education organisations must meet the criteria as stipulated in paragraph 3.2 of the Constitution for joining the HKTC as a member and update their particulars six months before the beginning of the new session (i.e. before 30 September 2017). According to paragraph 2.2 of the Constitution By-Laws, if the organisations cannot meet the above requirements, their right to vote and be elected shall be suspended. Even though organisations do not have any particulars to be updated, they still have to complete and return the form in order to be eligible to vote and be elected in the AMC election. 

   President / Chairperson of the HKTC education organisations should complete the information sheet (Chinese version only) for updating their particulars and return the sheet to the HKTC Secretariat by fax (Fax number: 2565 0741) or post (basing on the date of the postmark) on or before  30 September 2017.  HKTC will issue invitation in late October 2017 to those eligible education organisations and schools of various categories for nominating their candidates to stand for the election.

List of Organisations Eligible for Participation in the Election

Last Update Date: 23/10/2017